*cha cha’s real smooth away from academic responsibilities*


This is basically Fairy Type against Dragon Type for Pokemon.
bebecheese sent: strawberry tea

strawberry tea: favorite outfit

(i really ought to post outfit pics sometimes) but i really like this one blue top i have thats longer and plain blue until a black velvet ribbon and then it turns into sheerish ruffles. it sounds kinda weird and it was a gift and i prolly wouldn’t have picked it out myself but i really love it.  i usually wear it with gray short shorts, a belt, tights, and gray boots with blue exposed zippers in the back





why? why do you do that? sure it might look cool and soft grunge edgy but in russian, that makes no sense. like. you just made up a word. using russian letters to spell out communism for some grunge aesthetic bs? no. stop. that’s disrespectful. y’all be ashamed. you literally spelled out something like “sottchet” cuz ‘s’ doesnt even exist in the russian alphabet. ugh

Еат му аss


listening to a games ost after you’ve finished it and just reminiscing like 


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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image